Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Author Bio

I sent a witty one-paragraph bio to the Bridport Prize fiction writing reps because I won a minor place in the back of their upcoming literary anthology. It wasn't really funny, just witty.

Then I read a bunch of bios for last year's winners and felt super inadequate. Amongst the author bios of past winners:

  • Somebody who taught English to refugees in Darfur while commuting to and from work by bicycle (think: sand dunes and snipers)
  • An MBA from New York who now teaches past-life reincarnation workshops in Nepal
  • An author with an MFA, an MD and a doctorate in quantum physics who, in her spare time, bathes homeless kittens that are in 'transitional housing' (the RSPCA)
  • An Irish author who is a recovering alcoholic and whose work has previously appeared in Men's Fitness, Harper's Bazaar and OMNI magazine (out of print since 1998)
  • An English author who was raised in Honduras in a rat-infested tree house while writing dissertations on Joyce, David Foster Wallace and string theory ... in Spanish by flashlight
It's bios like these that remind me that as a college dropout, without a degree I'm nothing!

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