Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saint George

I have a friend I went to UNR with in the early 1990s who I talked to last night for the first time in years. We'd texted via the internet but this was the first time I'd actually talked to him since 1999. He was standing on a sidewalk in Houston, Texas. Two days ago he became homeless.

Several years ago he lost over a hundred pounds, was eating mostly vegetarian, was commuting by bike and WHAM he suffered a half-dozen heart attacks in as many months. Genetics are at least partly to blame. His deceased father had heart disease and George inherited the janky DNA. The heart attacks did permanent damage and he's unable to hold down a regular job as the stress could literally kill him. He also has struggled quietly with bipolarism for decades obediently taking whatever SSRI pharma crap the psychiatrists throw at him.

GoFundMe for George

When I talked to him last night at 8:30PM Pacific Time he had called an ambulance because his bipolar meds were interfering with his heart meds and he was not feeling right.

  • George is an Army vet.
  • He's never been an alcoholic or drug addict and rarely drinks.
  • He applied for permanent Social Security Disability and was turned down. 
  • He has gotten some help, mostly medical, from the VA but they are notoriously unreliable.
  • He's never beaten anybody up and is a likely candidate for getting assaulted on the street.
  • He's an accomplished voice actor and has been in more anime films than I can count.
  • No lie, he used to get mobbed at anime conventions by Japanese fans.
  • He's a creative, gentle soul.
  • Like me, his parents are long gone and his relatives are few and unable to help.

Anyone in the Houston area, or even the state of Texas, that is able please reach out to him. He's in desperate need of a spare room, sofa, garage, whatever kind of temporary space you can offer him.

If anyone reading this even donates five bucks it might push his GFM over.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

No, the sexbots won't save you

Been a while since I visited this site and this article in response to the Toronto mass murder and Ross Douthat's asshat essay is dead on.

Marginalized people who society frequently ridicules and presumes incapable of desiring or of being desired — fat people, disabled people, people of color, trans and queer people — have not created online communities to plot violent revenge against women. It is only white, straight, cisgender men — who are repeatedly told by our culture that theirs are the only desires that matter, that they are entitled to power over other people’s bodies — who react in this way.

Jess Fournier's entire essay can be read here