Tuesday, June 02, 2009

No ... Fuck You, Schultz!

Stop Starbucks

And BTW, their coffee is total crap. Tully's is better.

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EricRusso said...

Would you believe the area in which I live didn't get a Starbucks until about 2 or 3 years ago?

I'm not a fan of coffee so Starbucks could open a store on every street in the area I live and I wouldn't care.

Walmart on the other hand, Walmart has been in this area for many years, or so I've been told and from what I hear from the people I know who works there or has worked there in the past..Walmart goes batshit crazy when an employee says "Union".

The place I work for now has a union and I can say, without a doubt, unions are the way to go..but I doubt we will ever see a union in Starbucks or Walmart. These companies make so much money per year, they think they are above the law and so far, the government has allowed them to think such a thing.