Friday, November 07, 2008

Note to the 'Mad Men' of advertising: DUH !

Sexxxy ... um, actually no.

Obama getting the electoral college by a landslide gives me hope for humanity ... but then I read articles like this and I slide back to my original stance of the glass being half empty (and the waiter that's supposed to refill it is a retard). Here's the skimmed tidbit:

Steamy Magazines Make Men Feel as Bad As Women
Guys who check out the sexy female models in so-called lad magazines such as Maxim have more body-image problems than their pals, a new study finds.

Sorry for sounding like an eighth grader but DUH ! Thanks for catching up special ed. But the researchers (and the accompanying journalists) reported an even more startling discovery.

Does Sex Really Sell? Perhaps Not to Women
... He added that the results also illuminate a gap between the male executives who are marketing the magazines and the consumers.

TRIPLE DUH ! Sorry ad execs, the 'Girls Gone Wild' myth boat has left the dock! Sometimes the feminist backlash crap just makes me wanna beat my head against the monitor.

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