Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh, Pommie Geeks

It's been way, way too long since I visited I shouldn't stay away so much. They're doing ninjas again!

In an effort to avoid paying Flickr their damn yearly fee, I've opened multiple accounts but, of course, can't get the little shits to 'link' to one another. Grrr. But you should visit and comment on them. I don't have ninjas but I do have actual knights in actual shining armor that they probably paid a lot of money for.

This is the main Flickr account with herb photos

This is the secondary account with juicy pics from my rockin' new digital camera

And this is the third or back-up account which has a little of both of the above acct's pics

Good luck fellow digital camera ninjas!

1 comment:

Sarina said...

And that is what I get for assuming "herb" photos have anything at all to do with weed.

Nice pics tho lol!