Saturday, October 14, 2006

Petite Blonde/Giant Cajones & a TGILF !

My peoples,

Give it up for this little lady. Applaud. Send food. Send Band-Aids for the blisters. Sing her praises far and wide. Damn, that takes balls. Like I said in the Comments section, my overall impression of Los Angeles in January 2002 (sunny, 73 degrees) was: Wow! What a great place to live if it weren't for all these FUCKING CARS.

In other, less globally ecological news, I've got a new celeb crush.

David Krumholtz is sooo fifteen minutes ago! Not only has this theatre geek worked opposite Kevin Spacey on Broadway, nailed an Emmy on a sloppy, stupid David Kelley show but, NO, wait! There's MORE. He also used to be a comic book illustrator and has done the books-on-tape thingie for one of Neil Gaiman's stories. (Gasp!) I'm all a twitter. Ah, but of course, he's married to some blonde bimbo from the South, a mutant Reese-Witherspoon-meets-Cameron-Diaz freak.

I can't wait till we get the back story/history arc on his character on Lost. Oh why do I always fall for the emotionally unbalanced/serial murderer types? Why?!

-- Mz M.


karrie said...

Mad props to her. I find myself driving more than I should now that I have a wriggling sprog who refuses to sit in a stroller.

Mz M. said...

You're excused from joining the anti-car movement. I feel your pain. I used to volunteer to help my numerous single-mom friends do Kid Hauls. Babies are heavy, bulky, do not pack well and they have luggage that has to go everywhere with them.

karrie said...

I comment Mel, see I comment.

I check for new content daily actually.