Friday, July 07, 2006

It's My B-Party and I'll Be Sarcastic If I Wanna

I have this friend/aquaintance who I really like, very intelligent, insightful if a bit ... weird. She's an artsy type and I can't say much more because of the 1 in a million she'll read this.

Anyhoo, said friend/aquaintance is roughly the same age as me and married, apparently has been for some time to a fellow artsy type person. Since I've known her, I've never seen/met her significant other ... until recently.

And because I just turned 41 I get to say this without being kharmically bitch slapped: Fuck me, he's old!!!


And I'm not talkin' gray around the muzzle, occasionally dabbles in Rogaine and/or Grecian Formula for Men old. Nooo ... My very first thought upon seeing my friend walking down the street with her Significant Other was: "Look! It's Santa!"

This guy isn't even Wilfrod Brimley/Quaker Oatmeal old. He's like Burl Ives, The Final Years Compilation CD Album old.

Damn, girl! Imagine snuggling up to grandpa ala Anna Nicole Smith style every night.

And my female friends wonder why I zoom on the twentysomethings,

-- Mz M.

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