Monday, November 26, 2007

Is it just me ...

... or does anyone else have the urge to lick their TV screen when Lee Pace is on?

Not that I can stand to watch Pushing Daisies. It's this neutered version of "Dead Like Me", may that lovely show R.I.P. And also network commercials make me INSANE. I'll have to buy it on DVD after it gets canceled. Trust me, it will. Inventiveness never goes unpunished in Hollyweird.

And don't hate me for borrowing your fan pics off Flickr. It's a form of flattery ... and also I don't live within a 1,000 miles of Hollywood so it's not like I can stalk him with a camera phone.

1 comment:

rivergirlie said...

i'd rather not lick my tv screen - until i've done some dusting