Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rapture time?

I always wondered if one of Roland Emmerich's over-the-top disaster flicks was gonna come true in real life.

Personally, I was a bigger fan of "The Day After Tomorrow". I liked the idea of tornadoes eating Los Angeles in revenge for the billions of tons of air pollution that city has dumped on us all.

But lately, I'm starting to wonder: what if the end of the world is a double-feature?

Chilean earthquake photos.


Anonymous said...

I'm not too familiar with all the latest conspiracy theorys or movies. However, it does make me a little angry that people often accuse me of being a doomsday prophet; then complain when these things actually happen. Over the next four years we WILL see actual changes in natural phenomenon. Many of which will cause natural disasters. It takes very little effort for people to prepare a disaster kit you can grab if you have to sustain yourself for 72 hours. I don't know why so many Americans won't make these simple preparations. In a mere house fire makes such a kit worthwhile; and thats no doomsday prophecy.

Eric Russo said...

None of us really know how the world will end but it is my personal belief there will be many more major earthquakes, some in areas that may haven't ever had an earthquake but what can we do about it?

One thing I would like to add however is Americans should wake up and see how lucky they are. When earthquakes hit other places, we should take a moment and try to understand what it must be like to live in places like that, even before the earthquake.

Sorry, I'm just rambling in my drunkenness