Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Horrors, Same House (Regime)

I just watched this in it's entirety. I urge everybody else to do the same, or better yet, blow 20 bucks and buy the DVD.

Be patient, it takes a while. You might wanna turn the sound off on your computer and walk a way for a couple hours while it downloads the stream.

No big surprise in that "our friends" the Pakistanis had a heavy hand in 9/11.

Just wondering now if the detainees at Git'mo maybe DO know something ... some thing that would incriminate the Bush Regime, not bin Laden. Maybe some Marine-sized interrogator asked Omar the wrong question four years ago during one of their torture sessions. Perhaps something like: "Did you ever see any Westerners while you and your crazy fundamentalist Daddy were staying in Jalalabad?" And poor little Omar -- literally dying to tell the truth -- probably blurted out: "Oh sure, we saw CIA operatives talking with bin Laden all the time. They used to bring us money and guns ... and fruit juice!"

It just gets worse and worse,

-- Mz M.

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Jammer said...

Thanks for that link. I watched it when you first posted. I hadn't even been following the whole "9/11 paymaster" thing, but I remember the confusion around it, and now it makes sense.

Amazing how we don't mind that Pakistan and North Korea have nukes, but we do care that Iran is trying to get nuclear power (like every other industrial country). We keep hounding them about it and will probably try to invade if Bush gets his way.