Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mel Gibson Responsible for All Wars & Senor Bush Cries

There's nothing as fun as watching buffoons make even bigger fools of themselves. It's especially entertaining when they're powerful, ridiculously rich and so devoid of ethics they've sorta morphed their own weird version of right and wrong.

Case in point: The Bush Sr. meltdown on network TV the other night. Why didn't Barbara feed him his mood stabilizers for the day? Was it deliberate? Was it the unseasonable Florida heat? Or maybe the realization that his warmongering, retarded son is now wealthier than him thanks to all that war profiteering?

And today, a gem of a movie review was found by moi in the Seattle Weakly, not my favorite bus stop read. It guarantees at least one good chuckle. It appears that Other Mel (aka the Bad Mel) has come up with a GOOD reason for the Spaniard's vicious conquest and rape of the Americas. It saved all those dirty Indians from having guiltless sex and not kissing the decrepit paw of some papist, child-raping patriarch. Three Hail Marys for Pope Rottweiler or whatever his name is.

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