Saturday, July 29, 2006

Oy Vae Part II ... and III

After listening to Randi Rhodes'take on the shit storm in southern Lebanon, I was ready to see this as Israeli 'NeoCons' hijacking Israeli foreign policy and taking back the Land of Canaan by force as prophesized in their Septagent (Five Books of Moses) AKA the Old Testament. And that's most likely what's going on with a significant nudge toward war from Pres. Halliburton.

Then this happened right here in Rain City, folks. I had to cycle around the Homeland Insecurity fiasco to get to work yesterday. They had cordoned off six square blocks of downtown just in time for the Friday afternoon gridlock. At first, I thought it was a severe over reaction to another crackhead slaying in front of the YWCA Women's Shelter, the site of many a junkie/wino wig out. When I got off the 174 bus last night at 11:45pm, the cops STILL had half of the neighborhood taped off and I again had to go way out of my way to avoid all that yellow police tape and ominous-looking G-men in suits.

The perp of the incident was described as bi-polar, unemployed and troubled. The Muslim community here was quick to condemn the incident as wrong and the work of a lone nut ...

But we all must remember that Islam is the religion of peace?

-- Mz M.

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Jammer said...

When it's a lone (Baptist? Atheist? Born-again?) idiot shooting up a McDonalds, we don't side with all McDonalds employees against the invading fill-in-the-blank hoardes, do we -- demonizing those horrible fill-in-the-blankers!

I am with Israel in this current fight, although I think that they could be doing a better job of everything. (Not bombing the U.N. or civilians would be a start.)

Now, in the West Bank and occupied territories fight, I think they oughtta just give the Palestinians right of return and have two states. They should try to be the good guys.

I know this all too well, actually. I should write a blog entry on it. When I was a kid, I was always picked on for being heavy and bigger than other people. For a long time, people could take a swing at me and I wouldn't hit back. When I finally decided to defend myself, I hurt a few people really bad. Eventually, I became a peacenik again.

Between my reputation as someone who could kill you if you bugged him, and my generally peaceful ways, (and the increasing maturity of those around me, as we got older and kids didn't tease me as much), I was able to live a peaceful life, and let the occasional jackass slide by.

I think Israel is now in a similar position. They've shown their strength. If they give back the territory people are complaining about, then the "kill the jews" cries will be heard by the world for what they are. Right now the situation is too gray.